Can I also get the RICHTER Table in other dimensions?

Yes. The RICHTER Table is manufactured in southern Germany on the Swabian Alb in a medium-sized family business. We can also implement individual wishes ( HERE ). We would be happy to plan your RICHTER Table with you, write to us at info@out-design.com or call us on +49 30 44673800 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Where can I see the RICHTER Table?

We have ( HERE ) put together a list of our premium specialist dealers for you. Please contact the respective partner to ensure that the desired property is available locally.

We can also introduce each object to you in a video call and show you from all perspectives. Just send us a message with your desired time and a cell phone number here in the website chat, or to info@out-design.com or call us directly on +49 30 44673800 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Where can I order wood samples from the RICHTER Table?

You can order our material samples ( HERE ) to your home.

What finish do you recommend for the wood, waxed or varnished?

This is a very individual question to be answered. Ideally, we would like to advise you personally and take your circumstances into account. Here are a few bullet points to weigh up the merits of each.

Waxed table top:

The advantage of waxed finishing is that you can wax the RICHTER Table again and again and scratches don't stand a chance. The surface is ultra-matt and the wood comes into its own in all its beauty. Due to the multiple waxing, the table is so impregnated and robust that it can withstand this well. In the worst case, it can be reworked with a small sanding sponge and wax. We offer a suitable care set for this ( HERE ). Even if this refinement involves more effort at first glance, it still has many advantages over lacquered surfaces, above all the table top cannot be destroyed by lacquer chips or scratches. For the reasons, the waxed surface for a solid wood table is also a sustainable and long-term rewarding decision.

Lacquered tabletop:

The varnishing of solid wood does not necessarily make sense. However, if wet wiping is particularly important to you, painting with a protective varnish can make sense. The look is similar to wax, but the varnish seals the pores, resulting in a minimal fine shine - but overall it's still rather matt. The disadvantage of varnishing is that if the varnish is damaged, e.g. something falls violently onto the wood or kids stick their forks into the table top with full force, then you cannot repair it yourself. In addition, a lacquered table is more susceptible to an unfavorable room climate ( HERE ) more about that.

Both forms of refinement meet the highest standards and it depends on your individual circumstances. That probably doesn't make your decision any easier now. If we had to recommend one variant specifically, it would certainly be the waxed finish. The RICHTER can be an excellent addition to your home for decades, small mishaps can always be easily repaired. The waxed wood is extremely pleasant to the touch and also unfolds all its optical advantages. Not sure yet? Then our wood samples might help you to make a decision, you can order them ( HERE ) .

How is the RICHTER Table delivered and how much does delivery cost?

The RICHTER Table is regularly shipped in Germany by comfort delivery - free of charge. The delivery is transported by experienced 2-man teams. Before delivery, but at the latest one day before delivery, an individual appointment will be arranged with you. Approximately 1 hour before delivery, the carrier will announce the delivery so that you can prepare yourself for the delivery. The goods will be brought to your desired parking space, the packaging will be taken away. You can book the body for a fee, choose the comfort delivery PLUS. All information on the subject of shipping, including for all other regions, can also be found on our specially created page ( HERE ).

How do I care for the RICHTER Table?

Depending on which surface finish you have selected, the care varies, you can find all the information (HERE ). Basically, a high-quality solid wood table needs some love and care from you, so it will remain beautiful for many years and you will continue to enjoy it.

How can I imagine the wood in the RICHTER Table?

The best thing to do is to order our material samples ( HERE ). For the RICHTER we recommend the finish in solid waxed oak. Origin: Germany and Austria / FSC® seal, quality seal for responsible forestry. The FSC® seal is considered the best and most credible certification system for forests. Oak wood is extremely hard and durable. The precious wood has excellent durability. The wood wax used underlines the natural feel of the oak and protects it. The waxed surface can be repaired again and again and is significantly more durable than paint. In addition, no paint chips can occur. The waxed oak has a warm, timeless honey colour. Smaller knots, visible signs of growth and color variations are part of the natural soul of the wood. Since wood is a natural product, the grain is always unique and makes every object unique.