The most relaxed sofa of all time. The ultra-soft upholstery of the SANDER Sofa is reminiscent of a mountain of marshmallows. And that's exactly how it feels. Fascinatingly soft and surprisingly dreamy. Passionate joy in design and references to Postmodernism are recognizable in the design language. The idea of ​​creating a sofa that offers maximum comfort and tranquility without becoming formally monotonous characterizes the design. Innovative modules and combinations give you the freedom to tailor SANDER to your needs. With the deep Loveseat, your date night will be particularly cozy. An innovative upholstery of the latest generation meets a high-quality spring core and gives SANDER timeless quality. The covers are hand sewn with masterful skill and a great deal of time. They are extremely durable and easy to maintain. The assembly is as simple as possible, without screws and stress. Just let yourself sink into the fluffy, soft upholstery of the SANDER Sofa. This is your time to be mellow.



David Wendt on the SANDER Sofa
(Head of Design)

"The inspiration for the SANDER Sofa came from the idea of creating a piece of furniture that offers the ultimate in comfort and relaxation without being limited to formal design principles. I wanted to reinterpret the category of cozy sofas, using the potential of design to create a distinctive visual language. Inspired by the art movements of the 70s and 80s and influenced by postmodern design approaches, I wanted to design a sofa that was unconventional and expressive - without becoming gimmicky. The unexpected design is an interplay of the sophisticated upholstered crowning and the hand-sewn covers. This creates a symbolic language of form that evokes associative images such as clouds or marshmallows. But SANDER is also strongly located in the present, the influence of our home Berlin and even more precisely of Kreuzberg, is reflected in the desire for unconventional shapes and colors as well as the historical charms of postmodernism. With the design language of the SANDER, I want to enable people to find their own interpretation, making the design a very personal experience that meets the needs of modern living."



Every object from OUT is manufactured fairly and sustainably in Germany, from the first draft to the last touch. We observe the highest environmental and social standards. We rely exclusively on sustainable forestry and economic use of resources in order to act in a climate-friendly manner. We work with family-run master and craft businesses. Our vision is to combine the expertise built up over generations with the latest technological innovations. Craftsmanship and a lot of time and craftsmanship give each object a soul. From the seamstresses in the Swabian Alb to the master carpenter in Bavaria - they all make OUT. The high social standards in Germany are observed and fair wages are guaranteed. For us, Made in Germany is the forward-looking approach to manufacturing objects. Objects that will give you pleasure for a long time and do justice to our generation: socially and ecologically. We are looking forward to a better and fairer future.




You helped develop the upholstery for the SANDER Sofa, what was the challenge?

“The development of the SANDER Sofa was completely different from what we usually do. We have gone beyond well-known upholstery techniques, we have experimented and tried a lot. We had to accept that during development. The curve that defines the shape of the sofa was a real challenge.”

What defines the quality of the SANDER upholstery?

“The choice of foam is particularly important. There are huge differences. Then every work step must be so well thought out that there is little leeway in the end to deliver consistently high quality. New foam forms, new seam techniques, custom-made cushion covers, the indentations - we had to throw old ways of thinking overboard. Up to the result as it stands now. When you sit down, you feel like you're sitting on a cloud."

How do I recognize a good sofa?

“What I find very important is to build a sofa that has a quality that lasts. That it does not need to be replaced after 5 years. If you pay attention to quality when choosing a sofa and rely on good materials and workmanship - you are choosing the right sofa. I'm a tactile person, it's not just about how it looks, but how it feels."



You can convince yourself of the quality of the SANDER Sofa live in many cities. Our partner design stores look forward to your visit in Seoul, Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, Zurich, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bremen. You can find the exact addresses here.