As the sun slowly sinks behind the rooftops in soft pink, we stay seated until the stars rise above us. We talk, laugh and philosophize about the small wonders of the day. The IVY outdoor collection is made for your outdoors. A world of its own. The design is consistently thought out for the perfect outdoor experience. The powder-coated steel tubes are inspired by contemporary architecture and are extremely weather resistant. They heat up less in the sun and water drips off. The stackable IVY seating furniture is designed for comfort and has been perfected through intensive ergonomic research. Here you can linger. An interplay of transparency and material density is created between the table and seating furniture, offering an imaginative spectrum of colors in the sun. Silver cutlery sparkles gently in the light, while a water pearl on the glass explores its way to the table. There it meets the colors of the collection: Sienna Red and Soft Pink. They develop a special aesthetic when they interact with the greenery of nature or urban architecture. They are a liberation from the constraints of the interior, where we always have to look for references to other colors. Outside you are free. Lean back into the imaginative world of IVY.


I'm currently building a house for my family on the outskirts of Berlin. So the idea behind the outdoor collection was not entirely altruistic, I have to admit. I haven't found anything that harmonizes with the architecture and is comfortable and robust at the same time. The issue of fairness is also central to me - IVY is made entirely in Germany!

A defining element of the collection are overlays that create colors and gradients - an homage to opaque and transparent elements that are often found in purist concrete architecture. This architectural influence is clearly reflected in the collection. It is familiar from stairwells, for example, which are often designed in combination with concrete made of wire or other metallic materials. Or even one size larger. The current lively staging of columns in corridors and on façades in front of very plain buildings, as we see in numerous new museums and buildings in Berlin. The world of color is typical OUT, our fascination with color as an essential form of expression is also reflected outside - in the imaginative world of OUT. Outside there are no rules, colors can be reinterpreted, and strong colors play wonderfully with nature. Their presence in the flora is the natural inspiration for our design. It doesn't have to be the same as indoors. In my opinion, the potential of outdoor areas can be exploited even more both privately and in projects, especially because we spend so much time there. I spent a long time modeling to find a look that embodies quiet luxury but doesn't come across as pretentious. For me, luxury is defined by creating products that not only embody timeless quality, but also claim to present something new. 

The changeable conditions of the Berlin weather have made it essential for me that the furniture dries extremely quickly. In very hot climates, the advantage is that they heat up less than flat designs, and on which water can sometimes stand and erode the material. The coating powder is also particularly robust; we use one that is also used for façades and is extremely durable. Comfort played a central role in the design of the IVY collection. The desire to spend the evening outdoors together - whether in the garden or on the balcony with a view of the hustle and bustle of the city - was my motivation. It feels like a little vacation together every evening. We undertook various ergonomic studies until we were satisfied. Mechanical tests, test subjects, extreme material tests - it all took a lot of time during development. Another special feature is that the IVY seating designs are stackable, which makes them extremely attractive for use at home as well as in cafés and public areas. The name IVY after the ivy plant is no coincidence. Ivy was a constant in the gardens of my childhood, symbolizing stability and confidence. In mythology, ivy is often depicted with exuberant celebrations, especially around the ancient god of wine Dionysus - an image that underlines the character of the collection. Being outside together. Celebrating parties together. Taking a little vacation from the day together.



Every object from OUT is manufactured fairly and sustainably in Germany, from the first draft to the last touch. We observe the highest environmental and social standards. We rely exclusively on sustainable forestry and economical use of resources in order to act in a climate-friendly manner. We work with family-run master and craft businesses. Our vision is to combine the expertise we have built up over generations with the latest technological innovations. Craftsmanship and a lot of time and handwork give each object a soul. From the seamstresses in the Swabian Alb to the master carpenters in Bavaria - they all make up OUT. The high social standards in Germany are observed and fair wages are guaranteed. For us, Made in Germany is the future-oriented approach to producing objects. Objects that will give you joy for a long time and do justice to our generation: socially and ecologically. Our gaze is forward, towards a better and fairer future.