Which slatted frame fits the ZIANS Bed?

You can insert almost any standard slatted frame, the ZIANS Bed is built to accommodate them. Here is the example of the medium (160 cm) variant: Thanks to a middle bar, you can insert both a continuous 160 cm slatted frame and two separate 80 cm slatted frames, both work wonderfully. This is also the case with Large or XLarge - you can always insert either one continuous or two separate ones. The insertion depth for the slatted frame and mattress is 13 cm. The slatted frame should be a maximum of 12 cm high so that it is inserted invisibly. We don't have a direct recommendation for a slatted frame manufacturer, you can choose any brand, it's best to see what suits your orthopedic needs. It may even be worth making an appointment with an orthopedist before purchasing. Please do not use a rolled slatted frame under any circumstances. This tends to have an unnatural distribution of forces. A slatted frame with a solid frame gives the bed additional stability and prevents damage to the bed.

Which mattress fits the ZIANS Bed?

Basically every mattress fits. Here is an example of the medium (160 cm) variant: Thanks to a middle beam, you can insert a continuous 160 cm mattress or insert two separate 80 cm mattresses, both work wonderfully. The insertion depth for the slatted frame and mattress is 13 cm in total. The slatted frame should therefore be a maximum of 12 cm high so that it is inserted invisibly, anything under 12 cm is fine anyway. The mattress is then lowered a little so that it does not slip. Because the mattress still protrudes a good bit out of the wooden frame above, you can sit comfortably on the edge and at the same time nothing slips when you put it on.

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"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":" No problem, write to us at info@out-design.com or call +49 30 44673800. We can customize the ZIANS for you."}]}]}

How is the ZIANS Bed delivered and how much does delivery cost?

We ship the ZIANS Bed within Germany with our partner Logistikmanufaktur. Not only does that sound good, they also offer a blatantly good service. You can choose one of the following options at check out:


Delivery is to the apartment door, by appointment.


The delivery takes place in the desired room of your apartment, by appointment.


The delivery takes place with professional assembly and packaging disposal, with appointment.

Where can I order material samples from the ZIANS Bed to get an impression of the wood?

You can order our material samples ( HERE ) to your home.

How can I imagine your black tone?

The solid oak stained black has an ultra matt, timeless look. Scratches and scrapes can be touched up with a touch-up stick. Small knots and signs of growth are normal. Thanks to the naturalness of the material, the color rendering is always different and can also be perceived as anthracite, depending on the wood batch and grain. Since wood is a natural product, the grain is always unique and makes every object unique. The best thing to do is to order our samples ( HERE ) and take a look for yourself.