The SCHMIDT has two small drill holes in the base plate where the magazine compartment is intended, why are they there?

The SCHMIDT coffee table is made of solid steel and is powder-coated. To do this, our employee hangs up the SCHMIDT in the painting chamber by hand. It is attached to the holes. It is technically only possible to coat the coffee table with powder, so it is not a flaw. Rather, it is a sign that there is a lot of manual work and soul in the object. Small irregularities in the form and on the surface are a result of the manual production. Incidentally, powder coating is much more durable and much more robust than paint, which is why we made a conscious decision to use this process.

What makes the SCHMIDT coffee table in the color bright red so special?

In the color bright red, the SCHMIDT coffee table unfolds a particularly impressive effect. Since the color is not UV-resistant, a natural patina and color variation develops over time, which makes every SCHMIDT in bright red a unique piece.