Why does IVY furniture dry so quickly after a rain shower?

The round shape of the furniture allows water to run off quickly. In addition, there are no surfaces where water could accumulate, which often leads to rust damage. This is a significant advantage of the IVY series.

Do I have to bring the IVY furniture inside in winter?

Our IVY collection can stay outside 12 months a year without any restrictions. So you don't have to bring it inside in the winter. However, we definitely recommend that you do so. It will have a positive effect on the already long lifespan of the furniture. Or you can cover it outside, then you can save yourself the cleaning in the spring.

Can I easily put down cutlery and glasses on the table?

The gaps between the round tubes are so narrow that it is easy to place glasses and cutlery on them. Compared to other outdoor furniture made of metal, the mesh is even much tighter, meaning less can fall through. The high level of functionality was particularly important to us.

Can I stack chairs and tables?

Yes, the chairs are stackable. This makes them ideal not only for cafes but also for use at home, especially if you want to store the furniture in winter. The tables are not stackable.

Is the structure complicated?

No, the assembly is really straightforward. All you have to do is screw on the table legs. The chairs are delivered fully assembled. You can get started right away and enjoy the IVY collection in your garden or on your balcony. We also offer delivery with assembly if you wish. All options are available in the checkout.

Can I choose other colors?

Yes, special colors are possible, but with a minimum order quantity of 30 chairs and 10 tables.

Is the armrest comfortable? How did you generally test the comfort?

The dynamic armrests contribute to a particularly cozy evening in the garden or on the balcony. You can rest your arms comfortably and still have the freedom to turn sideways and are not "cramped". In general, we spent an incredibly long time researching the series. We carried out various ergonomic studies until we were satisfied. Mechanical tests, test subjects, extreme material tests - all of this took up a lot of time in development.

How and where is the IVY collection built?

Each object in the collection is welded and powder-coated by hand in Germany. We cooperate with a master craftsman's business that has been family-run for generations. Slight irregularities in shape and surface are the result of the craftsmanship and give each object a unique character. It is worth mentioning that the steel used also comes from Germany. IVY is an honest product through and through.

How are the chairs packaged?

IVY comes in a certified cardboard box. The objects are protected by protective elements made of 100% recycled plastic, which is also recyclable. We paid particular attention to this.

What was the inspiration from architecture?

A defining element of the collection is overlays that create colors and gradients - a homage to opaque and transparent elements that are often found in purist concrete architecture. This architectural influence is clearly reflected in the collection. You know it from staircases, for example, which are often designed in combination with concrete made of wire or other metallic materials. Or even a size larger. The currently busy pillars in corridors and on facades in front of very simple buildings, as we find in numerous new museums and buildings in Berlin.

Why is the series called IVY?

The name IVY after the ivy plant is no coincidence. In mythology, ivy is often associated with exuberant celebrations, especially around the ancient god of wine, Dionysus - an image that underlines the character of the collection. Being outside together. Celebrating together. Taking a little break from the day together.

Are the IVY Cushions included in the scope of delivery?

The IVY Cushions are available separately and offer you a choice of different colours. This allows you to personalise your IVY Series and match it to your style.

What makes the IVY Cushions so special?

Like the entire IVY Collection, the IVY Cushions are made in Germany. Every single cushion is made by our experienced seamstresses with a lot of time and attention to detail. The design of the cushions is a tribute to our youth and the iconic down jackets in expressive colours from the 1990s. The upholstery fabric has a light satin finish that shimmers subtly in the sunlight and perfectly emphasises the design language. The IVY upholstery is characterised by its pleasantly soft and cosy feel, which invites you to linger and relax. Thanks to the individual upholstery chambers, the filling remains fluffy and ideally distributed throughout, which ensures an even sitting experience.

What are the technical features of the IVY upholstery? 

Inside the IVY Upholstery is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified foam, which is the ideal choice for outdoor upholstery. The cover fabric is also impressive. To ensure maximum durability, the high-quality outdoor fabric is treated with the latest generation of Teflon™ EXTREME Fabric Protector, which makes it less susceptible to soiling. For maximum comfort and ease of care, the IVY Upholstery cover can be machine washed at 30° with a mild detergent. A gentle spin cycle and subsequent air drying will maintain the quality and longevity of the upholstery.

As with most of our textiles, the less often you wash them, the better they will last, as they are extremely robust by nature. We generally recommend storing IVY Upholstery in a dry place. But even if there is an unexpected rain shower or the cushion is forgotten outdoors, you can sit back and relax. The cushions are resistant to rotting as they are breathable and guarantee a quick drying time. Thanks to their outdoor coating, the IVY cushions are extremely durable even under adverse conditions and will give you many years of pleasure.