Designed in Berlin.
Made in Germany.


We create space for a self-determined generation.
We are innovative tradition.
We manufacture with sophistication and craftsmanship.
We are design-loving and material-conscious.
We demand diversity and equality.
We are digital and share with friends.
We remain open-minded and curious.
We act responsibly and sustainably.
We are Designed in Berlin & Made in Germany.


OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE was founded in 2015 with the ambition to create space for a self-determined generation. We pursue the goal of creating design objects with substance that meet the needs of our time and fulfill a practical as well as emotional value. OUT stands in the tradition of German design while being passionately forward-thinking and curious. Our home is Berlin. This is where we found each other during our studies. Here we are free. We design openly and boldly, expressively and clearly - the city significantly shapes our design language. Our district Kreuzberg is a place of diverse lifestyles, of openness and encounters. This feeling shapes all creative processes in our design studio HAUS OF OUT: from the design phase to the visualization. Straightforward and functional designs, as well as bold designs and progressive colors give substance and soul to our eclectic collection. We act with great care, design thoughtfully and think functionally. Our objects are sustainably and fairly manufactured in Germany. Each object embodies craftsmanship and sophistication. We are a young and independent design brand. We are ready to find answers in a new era. We look forward to meeting you. We are OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE.



Every OUT object is manufactured fairly and sustainably in Germany, from the first design to the final touch. In doing so, we observe the highest environmental and social standards. We rely exclusively on sustainable forestry and economical use of resources to operate in a climate-friendly way. We work with family-run master craftsmen and artisan businesses. Our vision is to combine the expertise built up over generations with the latest technological innovations. Craftsmanship and a lot of time and handwork give each object a soul. From the seamstresses in the Swabian Alb to the master carpenters in Bavaria - they all make OUT. The high social standards in Germany are respected and fair wages are guaranteed. For us, Made in Germany is the forward-looking approach to manufacturing objects. Objects that give you pleasure for a long time and do justice to our generation: socially and ecologically. Our view goes forward, into a better and fairer future. 



We love expressive color. OUT's design cosmos has been characterized by expressive colors since hour one. They brighten up the long Berlin winter for us. They give our home a good vibe in summer. Berlin Blue, Aprikosa or bright Luminous Red: all colors and color worlds are designed and selected in our studio "HAUS OF OUT" in Berlin. They are inspired by the city and the lakes in the periphery. From all the lifestyles of our friends who have found a home in Berlin. Besides our passion for colors, sustainable solid wood and valuable materials play a crucial role in our philosophy. We love solid wood. Not only because it is a renewable resource, but because it naturally brings ideal properties for a contemporary and sustainable lifestyle. Finishing with natural wax is a hallmark of our collection as a whole, and especially of solid wood tables and beds. Silky and warm wood surfaces create tactile memories and a sense of security - a place we love to come back to. What's more, they can be repaired again and again and offer long-lasting pleasure. For us, sustainability begins with design. Combining both is our passion.