Can I also get the MEYER COLOR table in other dimensions?

Yes. We can make the MEYER COLOR in individual dimensions for you. We would be happy to plan your MEYER COLOR table with you.

Desired color, table height or other sizes, write to us at info@out-design.com or call us on +49 30 44673800 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

How do I care for the MEYER COLOR table?

Simply remove dust with a dry cloth, if necessary with a damp cloth and then dry briefly. You can find more information about this ( HERE ).

Where can I see the MEYER COLOR table?

We have ( HERE ) put together a list of our premium specialist dealers for you. Please contact the respective partner to ensure that the desired property is available locally.

We can also introduce each object to you in a video call and show you from all perspectives. Just send us a message with your desired time and a mobile phone number here in the website chat, or to info@out-design.com or call us directly on +49 30 44673800 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Where can I order wood samples from the MEYER COLOR table?

You can order our material samples ( HERE ) to your home. Please note that we ask that you return the samples as we are re-using them to conserve resources.

How is the MEYER COLOR table delivered and how much does delivery cost?

We ship the MEYER table within Germany with our partner forwarding agency Fröde. You can choose one of the following options at check out:


Delivery is to the apartment door, by appointment.


The delivery takes place in the desired room of your apartment, by appointment.


The delivery takes place with professional assembly and packaging disposal, with appointment.

Why isn't the MEYER COLOR table made of solid wood, I thought that was always better?

Painting a solid wood table makes no sense. The wood contracts or expands with the seasons, even very significantly. This inevitably leads to cracks in paint over the long term. Therefore we use the material birch multiplex with ash top veneer for the MEYER COLOR. The individual layers of wood are selected with care and aligned against each other according to the grain. As a result, multiplex is extremely dimensionally stable and is more suitable for colored or transparent painting than other types of wood.

I chose the MEYER COLOR, now an accident happened to me and the paint is damaged in one place, what can I do?

This can always happen with painted design objects, don't worry. In most cases, our paint touch-up stick can optically repair small areas very well and easily. It is best to write us with photos to info@out-design.com or call us on +49 30 44673800 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

How many chairs fit the MEYER COLOR table?

It depends a bit on your chairs. As a rule, we recommend around 60 - 80 cm of space per person and chair at home. On a bench, which is available to match the MEYER COLOR table ( HERE ), you can also pull guests together a little more cuddly.

In addition to the MEYER COLOR bench, we have designed the WAGNER armchair and the SCHULZ chair to go with the MEYER COLOR table. The dimensions here don't quite match your home? Then you can also have the MEYER COLOR table made individually for you.

The MEYER COLOR is worked very filigree, how stable is it?

The MEYER COLOR catches the eye with its filigree silhouette. Compared to other tables of its kind, the MEYER COLOR is surprisingly stable and is often chosen as a work or dining table. It is in the nature of things that there is a certain dynamic and vibration - if this is unthinkable for you, you should rather choose our RICHTER table ( HERE ).